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Deliver compelling secure innovative insights-drivenexperiences that drive retention, loyalty, and value to your business

How We Help

At Nimbl, we work closely with our clients to exceed expectations by delivering personalized experiences, uniquely crafted solutions, and high-quality service with speed and at scale.

nimbl LABS

Human-Centered Innovation: Putting people first

Whether you’re ready for breakthrough innovation or evolutionary enhancements, we’ll help you bring ideas to life. Using our structured, yet adaptable approach, nimblLABS blends human-centered design with emerging technologies, to create new products, modernize legacy solutions, and transform processes and systems – all with the goal to improve time to market and lower costs.

Either as a supplement to your team or becoming your innovation center, we bring the right expertise into the process.  Collaboration and exploration are at the heart of our methodology, with three clearly-defined phases of activities and deliverables.

Our process begins with business alignment, structured workshops, journey mapping, research, persona development, and technology assessments.  Incorporating human-centered design and usability testing throughout the creation accelerates the delivery of intuitive, innovative solutions.

New Product Development

Designed to catalyze large-scale or more finely-grained scoped strategic initiatives, we focus on creating the right product and service for your current and future target users. From ideation and research to prototyping, measuring, and launching, we quickly turn ideas in viable solutions.

Legacy Product Optimization

Starting by developing a modernization strategy with an actionable roadmap, we utilize best-of-breed software development, data, and analytics tools to design, engineer, and modernize your legacy platforms.

Operations Model

Operations modeling is an essential tool for any organization looking to align their services, both internal and external, with their overall business strategy. At Nimbl, we specialize in understanding the inner workings of your organization and documenting the relationships between the people, processes, and technology that drive your success.

Emerging Tech

Our innovation team continuously explores new and emerging technologies to create the next wave of digital business solutions. Our research activities are focused on: Business Applications, Data Analytics, AI, Customer and Employee Experiences, Technology Integration, and Knowledge Management.  We leverage this knowledge to specifically solve our clients’ business and technology challenges.

By engaging Nimbl and their NimblLABS solution, we were able to quickly move from just a simple idea to a working prototype in 75 days.”


Connected Experiences: Seamlessly engaging your key stakeholders – customers, employees, and partners.

With nimblCONNECT, we combine business and design expertise with deep technical proficiency to create valuable experiences. We help you engage your customers, employees, and partners and transform your business in ways you never imagined were possible.

The nimblCONNECT method utilizes a combination of customer and employee journey mapping, the brand promise, and a modern architecture, bringing together a holistic view of people, processes, and technology. This method offers a detailed view of specific and discrete customer and employee journeys, with the underlying business processes, capabilities, technologies, and related measurable KPIs.

Customer experience is complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Together, we will deliver engaging, compelling experiences across platforms and channels, to drive employee retention and customer loyalty.

Experience Blueprints

Connecting people, processes & technology with our human-centered transformation process to uncover opportunities and pain points, including:

  • Customer Journey
  • Employee Journey
  • Business Capabilities + Processes
  • Applications & Integration
  • Data & Information Management

Application Optimization & Modernization

Understanding why your application is underperforming, and fixing the issues whether it’s design, code, content, or a combination of all three.

  • Assessments & Roadmaps
  • Re-design & Planning
  • Develop & Engineering

    Marketing & Loyalty Solutions

    With data-driven insights, we help you to deliver the right message, at the right time and through the best channel. We focus on improving overall engagement through:

    • Product & Services Launches
    • Digital Marketing Strategies
    • Campaign Management & Demand Generation
    • Personalization
    • Catalog & Content Management,
    • Marketing Measurement & Analytics
    • Loyalty Solutions

    Sales & Service Tools

    Modern sales and service teams need solutions that are easy-to-use, mobile and analytics-driven. Experiences are now the number-one brand differentiator, over product and price, and customers expect “always-on” support across the channels of their choice. We help our clients with:

    • Sales Force Automation
    • Contact & Lead Management
    • Product Content Management
    • Next Best Offer
    • Customer Onboarding
    • Customer & Field Service Solutions
    • Knowledge Management & FAQ

    Employee Enablement Systems

    Leveraging intelligent applications and tools to securely connect employees, wherever they are, to improve customer engagement, productivity, collaboration, and employee retention, including:

    • Employee Onboarding
    • Knowledge Management
    • Process Automation
    • Training Applications
    • Dashboards & Reporting
    • Performance Management

    Design Systems

    Nimbl offers a unique design system solution (nDS) that helps organizations create and maintain a comprehensive design system that is tailored to their specific needs and requirements. The nDS is built on a robust architecture that is scalable and flexible, and includes:

    • UI Component Library
    • Behavioral Specifications
    • Design Specifications
    • Styles Guides
    Illustration of woman at her desk with computer celebrating a good moment

    Our new tool, developed with Nimbl, that we created to better enable our employees, has also greatly improved retention and customer satisfaction!”

    nimbl PODS

    Agile Teams: Accelerating development and realizing continuous delivery

    As your business and technology requirements change, we help you stay ahead. Whether you need one person or an entire project team, our nimblPODS are right-sized to give you more capacity or key expertise that your teams require for your critical projects.

    We help you improve your business performance by mobilizing the right people, skills, and technologies – at the right time.

    Staffed with a program manager and leveraging multi-disciplinary teams, based on the project scope, our project pods are ramped up or down dependent on each project – saving you time and unnecessary cost.

    Utilizing wholly-formed agile delivery teams, either locally or globally, nimblPODS give your team the immediate, structured capacity it needs to meet your business and technology goals.

    Resource Capacity Management & Governance

    Helping our clients optimize costs and manage their teams with effective business capacity planning practices. Our approach envisions agile best practices for accelerated development and continuous delivery. We monitor, analyze, plan, recruit, and manage teams or individuals to drive high utilization and bring in key expertise at the appropriate times.

    Diversity (DEI), Affirmative Action (AA) & Equal Opportunity (EEO) Initiatives

    Helping our clients strengthen their organizations with a diverse team supporting a culture of inclusion and belonging. By meeting DEI, Affirmative Action, and EEO goals, companies that are diverse, equitable, and inclusive are better able to respond to challenges, win top talent, and meet the needs of different customer bases.

    Managed Services

    By managing, supporting, and enhancing our clients’ digital applications, we improve experiences and overall quality as well as provide regular analytics and reporting to drive data-driven insights.

    We’ve been struggling to find the right resources and team management for our highly critical project, the nimblPOD team and especially the nimblPOD Project Manager was a game changer.”

    Transformation Journey

    The transformation journey varies by corporate initiative and goal. We help you plan, build, and manage new applications and reimagine legacy apps, to fuel your specific digital transformations and your future business. Our end-to-end support accelerates the launch of your critical initiatives, no matter where you are in the process.

    Strategy and Research Icon

    Strategy & Research

    There is no substitute for a deep understanding of your customers, employees, systems, and processes. We bring proven methodologies for building consensus, defining priorities and developing go-to-market ready concepts designed to drive new or expanded value, grow customer bases, improve employee retention, or provide an entrance into new markets.

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    • Research & Analysis
    • Business Strategy & Value Modeling
    • Brand Strategy & Planning
    • Digital Architecture
    • Customer & Employee
    • Engagement Strategy
    • Data & Analytics Strategy
    • Technology Assessment & Strategy
    • Operations Model
    Design and Build Icon

    Design & Build

    Whether you need help with full lifecycle engagements or smaller scoped initiatives, our Agile, with enterprise-grade rigor, methodology has highly defined phases supporting all aspects of the project. Leveraging analytics and human-centered design, the Nimbl team builds solutions that are highly maintainable and essential for today’s complex and integrated environment.

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    • Experience Design
    • Brand Optimization
    • Design System
    • UI/Visual Design
    • Engagement & Enablement Platforms
    • Engineering & Integration
    • Prototype and Validate
    • Dashboards & Reports
    • Process Automation
    • Data Management
    • Analytics & AI
    Measure and Manage Icon

    Measure & Manage

    Solutions must continually measure, adapt, and evolve with the changing needs of your business. Nimbl’s Managed Services offering provides multiple flexible global and local outsourced engagement frameworks that are scalable, secure, process-oriented, and customized to your specific business and operational needs. Our teams bring a standardized process-based approach, that ensures repeatable and sustainable service delivery.

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    • Customer Analytics & Insights
    • Advocacy Performance
    • Platform Management
    • Data Management
    • Systems Optimization
    • Innovation-as-a-Service
    • Content Management

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    In our ever-evolving digital world, we at Nimbl Digital – the Nimblysts, excel at adapting to change and surpassing client and partner expectations.